Hal Bornstein, MD

Dr. Hal Bornstein provides medication evaluation and management as well psychiatric consultation support to inMind clinicians and clients.

How I currently work with clients regarding psychiatric medicine is influenced by my training. I trained in an era when medicines were rarely used, especially in children and adolescents. Often the side effects were worse than the condition being treated. As such, I tended to provide more psychotherapy then medicines. As medicines improved, both with regards to efficacy and side effects, they tended to get used more. The age of clients exposed to medicines decreased. However, I think my earlier training has biased how I see medicines. In most cases, I see them as tools that can treat symptoms that have been getting in the way of the client's progress. In some cases, the symptoms may, in fact, be hampering the progress in therapy. I tend to view medicines as a supplement to therapeutic work. I believe that just as one has to explore the risks of any medicine, it is equally important to explore the risk of not medicating.