Demetry Apostle, PhD


Psychological Assistant to
Dr. Karisa L. Barrow PSY 24080

Searching for new meaning and exploring life’s possibilities often stems from painful experiences from our past or current situations. I aspire to cultivate a safe environment with my clients so that they may explore new possibilities and develop an enriching curiosity about themselves. Reaching out for help takes strength and courage. I believe that helping my clients identify and sort through their issues while fostering their strengths is the catalyst that brings about the regenerative change they seek.

Seeking professional support and guidance can make a significant difference. Psychotherapy promotes lasting change and can activate inner resources that will continue to grow and develop long after therapy ends.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of inner-discovery and path toward wellness and positive change.

Areas of Specialty
• Adults and couples with relationship and intimacy issues
• Adults during transitional points or lifespan experiences
• Individuals with self-destructive patterns or substance use/misuse
• Contemporary Family Planning & Parenting Consultation
• Gender Affirmative Assessments, Psychotherapy & Consultation
• LGBTQ & Q Adults and Youth

Individual Psychotherapy
Life tends to be replete with opportunities and personal challenges, often occurring at the same time. We can choose to change or remain being stuck. People who seek professional help often desire a better understanding of what’s occurring and the wish to be free of longstanding struggles. These obstacles may have included issues with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, substance abuse, strained family relationships, parenting stress, or a general sense of feeling unfulfilled. Being able to express one’s personal experiences in a safe, supportive environment free from judgment, yet capable of lending insight can bring about great relief.

Couples Therapy
Relationships aren’t always easy. Feeling disconnected from our partner and the pain we experience from conflict in our relationship can have wide-ranging negative effects on our well-being, self-esteem, and capacity to love and feel connected to others. I offer support to couples to help them identify their maladaptive relational dynamics and help them move beyond the pain of disconnection and strife toward improved communication, reconnection, and greater romantic satisfaction and sexual intimacy.

Contemporary Families & Parenting Consultation
Families have changed and evolved in a relatively short period of time and so have our needs. Contemplating forming a family can be a significant change in your life and people are particularly vulnerable in periods of change and transition. Whether you are contemplating starting a family or already have one, seeking help and getting support throughout the entire family life course can help maintain the health of yourself and your family members as you move through the various stages. Parenting can be hard work and concerns for our children frequently occur. Seeking support early for yourself and your children can be the best way to make sure that these obstacles don’t overwhelm you.

GLBTQ&Q Adults and Youth
While enormous social strides have been made in the acknowledgement and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals, the social construct of our society is based on a heteronormative bias. Being a member of the GLBTQ community has its challenges. As a result of the marginalization and constant internalized homophobic and sexist messages that we have internalized since childhood, many experience feelings of shame, anger, and low self-esteem. The journey toward self-acceptance and honoring our gender and sexual identity, while painful at times, can lead us to lives of greater authenticity, fulfillment, and experiences of joy as we traverse the many layers of these important dimensions of ourselves.

Dr. Apostle is a California registered post-doctoral psychological assistant to Karisa Barrow, Psy.D. at inMind (Bay Area Psychotherapy, Assessment, Consultation and Training Services) a group psychotherapy practice. He is Adjunct Faculty at The Wright Institute, and he has a passion for providing culturally sensitive and empathic psychotherapy for adults, couples, and adolescents from an attachment and psychodynamic framework.

Dr. Apostle was trained in the humanistic, transpersonal, and psychoanalytic traditions. His concentrated interests are in relationship therapy, conflict resolution, and queer theory. He specializes in working with sexual and gender nonconforming minorities, relationship issues, career issues, individuals seeking to overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, and individuals at life turning points who are struggling to find their own way through worry or confusion, conflict, or loss. His expertise has been developed, in part, from the important research that he has conducted on the lived experience of homonegativity/homophobia by gay men and the impact on their lives and relationships.

He helps clients with a range of life transition difficulties, sexuality concerns and gender distress, emotional and relational discomfort, and substance and relationship dependency issues. He promotes and supports lasting change that can activate inner resources that will continue to grow and develop long after therapy ends.

Dr. Apostle has worked in community mental health since 1999. He provided academic and career advising for several years prior to beginning his doctoral studies. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Psychology from Saybrook University in August of 2013. During his scholastic pursuits, he received clinical training at New Leaf Services in San Francisco in the men’s substance abuse program, conducting assessments, individual psychotherapy using both abstinence and harm reduction models, as well as facilitating  groups. In Melbourne, Australia, at The Drummond Street Relationship Center, he provided psychological assessments and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families, as well as family mediation. Additionally, Dr. Apostle has facilitated workshops on gay parenting and raising resilient children. At The Victorian AIDS Council (Melbourne, Australia), he provided psychological assessments and psychotherapy for adults and couples from the LGBT community, as well as ongoing support for newly diagnosed and long-term HIV and Hepatitis C positive individuals.

Currently, he provides solution-focused consultations and psychoeducation via an Employee Assistance Program where he performs behavioral health assessments and triage for employees and their families experiencing work and personal stressors including mental health, marital, domestic violence, financial, and employment issues, as well as offering supportive consultations.

If you are looking for consultation or psychological services, please call Dr. Apostle @ 415.529.0281 or email him at