Consultation Group with Dr. Karisa Barrow

Best Practices: Developing Gender & Sexuality Competency for Transgender & Non-Binary Clients

Context: This consultation group will not only inform clinicians about best practices, but will also support providers with the complex nuances of each child or adult’s journey. Western society creates strong expectations that we should all fit into binary gender identities: you should be either male or female and should mentally and emotionally identify with the gender your body (anatomy) was assigned at birth. Children, adolescents or adults facing these identity issues can also face confusion, bullying, or rejection by their peers or families. They can become isolated, anxious, depressed and possibly suicidal. Parents of children and adolescents often don’t know how to address their child’s news and can feel overwhelmed and as confused as their child.

Approach: We will accomplish this by becoming informed and maintaining our competency with ongoing education and peer case consultation. Integrative care is a clinical and ethical responsibility, and is the blueprint for culturally competent care. This consultation is grounded in “doing no harm.” It incorporates the founding Gender Affirmative Model, Trauma Informed & Minority Stress Model, and contemporary psychoanalytic ideas as valuable tools for thinking about, intervening and caring for our clients. 

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