Collaborative & Therapeutic Assessment Services:

Psychological assessments consist of evaluating a child’s neurological, developmental, cognitive, academic, behavioral, emotional, and social functioning by utilizing various psychometric testing instruments. We strive to provide culturally competent and collaborative approach to the work as we see the child’s caregivers as an expert in their child’s lives. We take into account both the strengths and weaknesses a child possess as well as their family and implement strategies that lead to interventions that will build upon a child’s pre-existing resources. Together, we identify the interventions needed to provide balance in your child’s emotional and social wellbeing. We offer formal and informal evaluations. We like to think about do we get the information we need in the least harmful way. And, we do just that. We provide parent coaching and family planning recommendations with regards to emotional, social, medical, and legal decisions.

Gender Affirming Transgender Care

  • Child Evaluations: At inMind we take pride in offering Gender Affirming Health Evaluations to discern how distressed your child is about their emerging awareness of their gender identification, presentation and social roles. External stressors and the expectations of others often exacerbate internal distress causing youth to feel anxious, depressed, isolated and alone. Youth who tend to be ostracized when they bend binary gender norms, engage in nonconforming interests, behaviors, social roles and expressions often become symptomatic. They may also got to great lengths to keep their true-selves hidden. We evaluate the level of distress and need whether that be in the form of education, advocacy, social, medical, legal and academic “action plans.” We help the child locate their sense of self and promote healthy development. We also are often able to help parents make informed decisions, engage in their own parenting journey while building confidence about how to best support their child. Emotional and physical safety is the bedrock of healthy child development, self-esteem, which will lead to pride, resilience and joy.

  • Adult Evaluations: Gender Affirming Health Evaluations for Medical Intervention. We strive to reduce the power imbalance of "gatekeeping" while providing a service of evaluating the need of "letters of readiness" and "medical necessity." We work collaboratively to address your immediate and long-term goals toward. Note: We have extensive experience providing evaluations that meet not only your surgical teams requests but your insurance demands. We take a team approach and collectively have over 30 plus years of experience in the community and look forward to helping you find your authentic self in body and mind. 

  • Parenting / Placement Recommendations: Forensic Evaluations. At times, conflicts in parenting your gender diverse child causes an impasse. We help parents and attorneys get unstuck in how to best care for their child. We provide an evaluation that will lead to practical recommendations that help foster whole development of your child. This includes working with all caregivers.

Our Approach:

We strongly believe we can help you identify and integrate your inner sense of self by mirroring your affirmed gender that brings safety and comfort into one’s own skin. We invest in our life learning commitments by ongoing participation in consultation groups and continuing education. We also participate in advance didactic consultation by Dr. Barrow, who has had experience in working with sexual minorities and gender nonconforming, nonbinary, gender queer and transgender youth and adults over the past 20 years. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Western society creates strong expectations that we should all fit into binary gender identities: you should be either male or female and should mentally and emotionally identify with the gender your body was born with. When children, adolescents or adults are faced with these identity issues they can feel not only very confused but are often bullied or rejected by their peers. They can become isolated, anxious, depressed and possibly suicidal. Parents of children and adolescents often don’t know how to handle the situation and can feel overwhelmed and as confused as their child. But there is help available. InMind is dedicated to providing gender affirmative psychotherapy and psychological assessments for children, adolescents and adults.