Brenda Vaccaro, PsyD

Founder & Executive Director, SPARK Center For Self Development

Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

(916) 616-8561 

Dr. Brenda Vaccaro offers assessment and treatment consultation at inMind and sits on the inMind Advisory Board.

Dr. Vaccaro has been in private practice serving the greater Sacramento area since 2009 as an attachment specialist who focuses on adult psychotherapy, psychoeducation and professionally-led support groups, parenting support and services for adults in the adoption triad (i.e., adoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents), therapeutic consultation, and collaborative assessment.  Dr. Vaccaro has provided assessment and psychotherapy in both private and public outpatient mental health services settings over the past 11 years in both the Bay Area and Sacramento to address issues ranging from life transitions and relationship problems to anxiety, depression, trauma, as well as developmental and learning disorders for the Cleo Eulau Center, Diablo Behavioral Healthcare, The Wright Institute Clinic, the San Francisco Department of Education, and Fall Creek Counseling Associates. She is currently a member of the Continuing Education Committee of the California Psychological Association (CPA) and was previously the editorial associate for The California Psychologist magazine. Dr. Vaccaro came to her profession as a psychologist following a successful career in human resources in the technology industry and also developed and/or published research on adoption, attachment, and affective/cognitive neuroscience over the course of her education.  She holds a special interest in providing education to the public and mental health services providers about the lifelong impact of adoption on members of the adoption triad. 

1412 S St. #100, Sacramento CA, 916. 616. 8561,