Aerin Riegelsberger, BA



Peer Counselor, Clinic Operations Manager, and Mentorship Coordinator

Supervised by Dr. Karisa L. Barrow PSY 24080 and Dr. Tanisha Stewart PSB94020874

Aerin Riegelsberger is inMind's Counselor and Clinic Operations Coordinator. They are the cofounder of inMind's Transgender and Nonbinary Mentor Program, as well as the facilitator for inMind's gender expansive youth support groups. In addition to their work with inMind, Aerin serves as the Curriculum Coordinator for TransConnect, an online course dedicated to training healthcare providers on transgender and nonbinary-inclusive care. They have a Bachelor's Degree from UC Irvine in Psychology and Social Behavior and a California Multi-subject Teaching Credential. Aerin is an educator, advocate, and consultant continuing to forge their path in the field of transgender health. For consulting, content, and educational services visit their website.